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The largest Ruby conference in France

October 18, 2013 ยท Paris, France 

dotRB exclusive: The Ruby Implementors panel!

Aaron Patterson

Committer to Ruby MRI and Ruby on Rails

Charles Nutter

Lead developer of JRuby

Brian Shirai

Creator of RubySpec, maintainer of Rubinius

Laurent Sansonetti

Creator of RubyMotion

moderated by

Evan Phoenix

Creator of Rubinius

Terence Lee

Ruby lead at Heroku

Steve Klabnik

Instructor at Jumpstart Lab, Ruby Hero

Konstantin Haase

Maintainer of Sinatra, Ruby Hero

Bryan Helmkamp

Founder of Code Climate

Erik Michaels-Ober

Creator of RailsAdmin

Kinsey Ann Durham

Co-founder of Kubmo, apprentice at thoughtbot

George Brocklehurst

Developer at thoughtbot

Emily Stolfo

Maintainer of the MongoDB Ruby Driver

What makes dotRB special

This is a conference made by developers for developers.

We will have few but exceptional speakers on stage. Among them, the maintainers of the most popular Ruby projects, the implementors of Ruby runtimes, ... Just great hackers all-around.

Our goal is to create a unique, affordable and enjoyable conference for Ruby developers.

dotRB will take place on October 18, in the same amazing venue as our previous conference dotJS 2012. There will also be a Workshop Day on October 19.

All the speakers have now been announced, grab your tickets while they last!