dotRB Workshop day

October 19, 2013 · Paris, France 

The day after the main conference will be dedicated to a series of workshops hosted by our partners, and a special Rails Girls Paris.
Attendees may participate to up to 2 workshops as they can happen either on the morning or the afternoon, or to the whole day Rails Girls.

These are three important pieces of information so let's bullet-proof them:

  1. Your ticket for the Friday does not grant you admission on Saturday
  2. Admission on Saturday being free, please only register if you are sure to attend.
  3. Rails Girls is a whole day session opened to wannabe female developers


We are very lucky to have our main partners involved in the organization of this day.

Here are the sessions you will be able to attend:


Location: Web School Factory

Hours: 9am - 1pm


Host: Fabien Catteau, Developer at Gemnasium

Keep your Rails app in shape

Your Rails app is awesome: it runs smoothly, has good test coverage, and the code is clean. You don't want your project to get dusty, so you keep an eye on its dependencies, every now and then. This is like your baby, after all. But you were away during the last two weeks, and your project cries for an update: new versions of the dependencies came out, some vulnerabilities have been found, and some APIs have changed. The world is moving fast, so you'd better catch up quickly. Like a benevolent father, you want to keep your Rails app in shape!

During this workshop, you will be given a Rails application that is slightly outdated. Nothing to worry about, but we won't let outdated dependencies unpunished! As a first step, we set up a reproducible and dedicated environment for the Rails app, using both vagrant and docker. That way, we will ensure that we have full control over our dependencies, including postgres, redis and so on. And sharing this environment is easy-peasy.

Once we have the environment ready, we will chase outdated dependencies in our app. We look for changes in APIs, security issues and other broken windows. First things first, you will identify critical issues, fix them, and move on to the minor problems. By the end of the workshop, your Rails app should be totally current. Back to normal. All lights are green!


  • You know how to build a web app using Ruby On Rails
  • You have a laptop with at least 4 Go of RAM and 2 CPU cores
  • You have Virtual Box software or VMware Workstation installed


Location: Web School Factory

Hours: 2pm - 6pm


Host: Laurent Sansonetti, Creator of RubyMotion

Introduction to RubyMotion

RubyMotion is a revolutionary toolchain that lets you quickly develop and test native iOS and OS X applications for iPhone, iPad and Mac, all using the awesome Ruby language you know and love.

We will introduce the iOS system, RubyMotion, then write our very first iOS app: a timezone converter! This workshop is derived from RubyMotion official training.

Rails Girls

Location: Web School Factory

Hours: Friday: 7pm - 10pm, Saturday: 10am - 18pm


Main host: Sylvain Abélard, Organizer of Paris.rb

About Rails Girls

RailsG irls is a free two-day (one-evening-and-a-day) workshop to learn and practice Ruby on Rails to create a real web application and discover the exciting world of development. Our awesome coaches are here to help :)

More info: Rails Girls Paris

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