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We’re HouseTrip

HouseTrip hosts one of the UK’s largest Ruby development teams (have a look at our blog), which is delighted to be attending dotRB. Our development team is a hub of talent, ideas, creativity and expert Ruby all balled into one, resulting in one of Europe’s best startups turning over hundreds of millions of £££’s per year.

What makes our developers so great?

  • We get Agile right – When we’re not in standups throwing brilliant ideas or terrible jokes around, you can find us pairing and teaching each other cool tips and tricks. Although, we’re anything but code monkeys, and indeed every project is co-designed with designers, product managers, stakeholders and ourselves.
  • We challenge each other – We’re constantly adding or rebuilding features (such as the new geo-polygon tool) to our website and this is a great way to keep ourselves on our toes. HouseTrip is one of the fastest growing websites in Europe, with over 4 Million unique users per month and properties in over 180 countries worldwide, so we really need to be at the top of our game to make sure we grow even bigger!
  • We love technology! – No seriously, look at our blog… we’re all passionate about Ruby in and outside of the workplace, which is why every Friday at HouseTrip is “Tech Friday” and we get to work on open-source projects.
  • We’re growing sensibly – we’re looking to double our development numbers, everybody who joins is given their own Macbook with additional display, and eased into the way we work…nobody is thrown into the deep end, although it’s only a matter of time before you’re ready to really make your mark on the future of this exciting startup!

We are currently recruiting Senior Software Engineers (Ruby) for our London office from all over the globe. So if you fancy polite conversations about the weather and some amazing cups of tea, please click here

Why we are partnering with dotRB

It’s very simple, we’re one of the pioneers of Ruby development; it’s what we live and breathe, and to put our name to an event hosting some of the biggest names in the Ruby world seemed like a real no-brainer! We’ve no doubts that we can all learn a lot from the conference and look at ways to improve our processes for the better…so why wouldn’t we support dotRB?