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About Gemnasium

Gemnasium is SaaS-delivered application which monitors your Ruby and JavaScript projects dependencies in an easy and efficient way.

Stop monitoring your project manually

Environments like Ruby or JavaScript changes every day, and checking all your projects against Rails/Json/devise/node versions can quickly become a nightmare.

With Gemnasium, you will be able to:

  • Be notified about new versions of your dependencies (instantly/daily/weekly)
  • Check what changed in 1-click with integrated changelogs
  • Know about security vulnerabilities affecting your apps
  • Update your project safely

A color code will be applied to each project based of the dependencies status:

  • Green (All systems go, Capt'n!)
  • Yellow (We can do better!)
  • Red (I see troubles in the way!)

Behind the magic

Gemnasium will scan your projects repositories, looking for dependencies files.
In addition, and because human matters too :) a dedicated team is looking on a daily basis at changelogs and advisories for you, and decide to mark packages as red (harmful/breaking) if needed.

Gemnasium currently monitors more than 60,000 projects and their 1 million related dependencies.

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