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About Dimelo

Leading brands use Dimelo software to power communities, harness social conversations, and to effectively deliver customer service. Dimelo clients benefit from reduced cost of customer care and measurably increased customer satisfaction and brand equity.
Since 2006, over 160 customers in Europe, including Orange, BNP Paribas, Peugeot, Auchan, SNCF, and Total have chosen Dimelo.


Server-side, Ruby and JavaScript are the only languages we use for all of our applications:

  • Rails for web apps
  • Sinatra for APIs
  • MongoDB/MySQL for storage

On a monthly basis, our system handles more than 200 million dynamic requests and processes millions of API calls to third-parties.
All our code is tested with RSpec and our infrastructure is a rather classical mix of cluster load balanced towards a web server relying on passenger, memcached, background tasking and master/slave storage. As for support services, we rely on Lucene (Solr/Elastic Search) for advanced search and Weka for state of the art machine-learning.

Why we are partnering with dotRB

We are longtime Ruby fanboys and have participated in and sponsored many Ruby events nationally. DotRB is the first wildly open international Ruby conference in Paris and we are thrilled that it is organized by the talented team of dotConferences. No doubt that it will be a great event.

We are hiring at Feel free to take a look at some of our code at